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Westercon 50

The Once And Future Westercon

July 3-6, 1997

Seattle, Washington


Guests of Honor:

The Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee invite you to help us blaze yet another path. With the help of some cheap props, the support of fannish improv artists and hall costumers, and your cooperation, we intend to run the first cross-time Westercon. We plan to run Seattle Westercon 50 as a weekend of collaborative role-playing fiction, a time-folded convention where past and future collide. You can be part of the fireworks by attending Westercon 50 as a "fan" or "pro" from the time of Westercon 1 or Westercon 100.

Dealer Room Tables

    Dealer Room applications are now closed. Contact Conrad or Jane Larsen at (206) 564-6168 or if you have any questions about the dealers room.

Art Show Information

    For more information about the Art Show please contact Jo Seaver at (206) 784-1996 or email:

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Sheraton Hotel and Towers
1400 6th
Seattle, WA
Telephone: (206) 621-9000

Westercon's room block at the Sheraton Hotel is now sold out. You can still call them for a room at their regular rack rate, or you can call one of the hotels below for additional options.

Alternate Hotel list for the immediate area.

Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee
P.O. Box 283, Seattle
Washington 98111-0283.
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